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M Rent a car is one of the leading rent-a-car companies in Bulgaria. Company's vehicles fleet comprises more than 200 vehicles in excellent operative condition. All vehicles have air-conditioners. In view to ensure maximum convenience, the vehicles, rent by M Rent a car, are distributed in the standard classes according to the international standard ACRISS: Mini, Economy, Medium, Van, Business, 4x4 и Luxury.

This year was launched the partner's programme of  M Rent a car in view to promotion of the current and future partners and representatives.

The benefits from partnership with use are numerous:

  • You expand the  scope of offered services in fast and  easy  manner
  • You offer one really high quality service with the warranty of our company 
  • You have available an on-line system in which you can add new reservations, trace the current, and visualize your monthly income   
  • You have preferences as our partner because our team will process your orders as soon as possible  

As a part of the application you can provide banner with integrated code and in this way each client sent by you will generate incomes for you and each client will have ensured fast and high quality services.

Soon will be available also our online module you can integrate on your site. It will allow you make reservations directly from your web page.

You want to offer rent-a-car service?

You render services in the field of tourism and travels. Renting cars to your clients is value added to your business. You can become our partner absolutely free only with one phone call. We will take care for everything else.

Contented clients, contented partners!

Without any efforts you will generate additional funds for your business. Each confirmed reservation will generate additional incomes for you. You can negotiate the amount and the terms of payment of the commission fees during a meeting with our employee.