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Terms of Use

Requirements for the lessee:
When making a lease of a vehicle it is necessary to be presented a valid driving license and an identity card. The minimum age is 21 years. Lessees under 21 years old or having driving experience less than one year are exempt from paying a charge "young driver", but they need to pay an insurance "limitation of the liability in case of a damage or a theft".

Lease price:
The lease price includes: Lease for 24 hours, unlimited mileage, technical maintenance, insurance "Third person`s liability", paid traffic charge, charge for vinette, assistance in case of trouble.

The cost of one lease day is valid for 24 (twenty four) hours as from the moment the car was given under lease.

The minimum lease period is 24 hours.

For a delay in giving back the vehicle from one to four hours one should pay 50% of the lease price for a single lease day.

For a delay more than four hours one should pay 100% of the lease price for a single lease day.

The monthly lease price is valid up to 30 days.

The lease price does not include fuel.

Way of lease:
Reservation for car lease may be arranged by phone, by e-mail, through the reservation from in our website http://www.mrentacar.bgor in our offices and through our representatives. The reservation shall be considered successful after receiving a confirmation with a number of the reservation. The company reserves the right in case of non-availability of a vehicle, reserved by the client, to offer a vehicle from the same or higher class.

Way of payment:
The payment of the lease price and the deposit are to be made upon the conclusion of the contract. In case of payment in cash the following currencies shall be accepted: EUR or its equivalent in BGN. Via bank shall be accepted also payments with debit/credit cards-VISA and MASTERCARD.

Equipment of the vehicle:
All vehicles of TBI Rent-a-car are equipped with obligatory equipment, required by traffic control authorities, a road map of Bulgaria, radio system or CD.

Technical problems and accidents:
In case of any technical problems or car accidents the client should call immediately 112-this is the phone for emergencies. He is obliged to call the insurance company and the person-employee of the company-whose coordinates have been given to the client.

In case of a car accident the client should call the police and the insurance company and after this he should obtain a protocol, issued by the competent authorities.

Charge „Limitation of the liability in case of a damage or a theft":
The liability of the lessee in case of a damage or a theft may be limited according to the conditions of the lease contract in case of payment of some additional charges as follows:

EUR 5 per day - for damages up to EUR 150 for vehicles of Economy class

EUR 7 per day - for damages up to EUR 200 for vehicles of Medium class

EUR 10 per day - for damages up to EUR 300 for vehicles of Business class , 4x4, Van, Bus

EUR 17 per day - for damages up to EUR 500 for vehicles of Luxury class.

This charge does not cover damages in regard to the lower part of the vehicle, tyres and wheel rims, theft or loss of parts, accessories, documents, keys, theft of personal belongings as well as in case of non-compliance or violation of the conditions of the lease contract and the leagl provisions of the country.

Charge for fuel:
The fuel is at the expense of the client as the missing fuel upon the termination of the lease period shall be charged with EUR 2.0 per litre.

Delivery and taking back in working hours:
The service "Delivery/ taking back in working hours is provided at the nearest office of "TBI rent" in case of advanced order. For the towns, in which the company has offices no additional payment is owed.. For the towns, in which the company has no offices, the charge for this service is EUR 0.25 per km.

Delivery and taking back in non-working hours::
The service "Delivery/ taking back in non-working hours" is to be paid as follows: up to 2 hours -EUR 20, for more than 2 hours - EUR 25.

One-way lease:
It is possible only in case of advanced order upon the reservation of the vehicle and it is offered only between the offices of "TBI rent" . The charge for giving back the vehicle is EUR 0.25 per km. After an advanced payment it is possible the car to be provided anywhere within the territoty of Republic of Bulgaria.

Driving outside the country:
Driving of the lease car is possible in case of advanced order at least three working days and payment of a one-time charge to the amount of EUR 50. Some desitnations are due to further negotiations

Cancellation of a reservation:
The reservation may be cancelled the way it has been made,

Delay in giving back the vehicle:
Up to one hour of delay no additional payment is owed

In case of delay from one up to four hours one owes the half of the lease price.

In case of delay more than four hours one has to pay a price for a whole lease day.

Reductions and referencies:
Weekend tariff -the car is leased as from 16:00 p.m. on Friday up to 10:00 a.m. on Monday and there is a preference price, pointed in the company`s tariff.

For clients, who have used the services of the company more than 5 times a reduction of the lease price shill be calculated., which amount is due to further negotiation.

All prices are in EUR and with VAT included.
You can receive detailed information upon reservation.

"TBI rent-a-car" reserves the right to make unexpected changes in the conditions for lease of a vehicle as well as in the prices for leases and services.